Where To Buy Art Supplies in Saigon

Buying art supplies in Ho Chi Minh City can be a little daunting, especially if you don’t speak Vietnamese. If you’re new to the city, or just getting into creating analogue art, then this post is for you. We’ve found the best locations for buying large format canvases, pens, paint, and brushes; everything a painter or illustrator might need to get going!

Every district has local markets and small stationery stores where you’ll be able to find basic pens and paper, but if you need a more specialty item you are going to want to head to The Photocopy Stores in District 3, The Stationary Stores in District 1, or The Fine Art Supply Stores in District Binh Thanh.

The Photocopy Stores on Nguyễn Đình Chiểu Street in District 3

Best for: Illustration, Painting


For many, the row of “Photocopy” shops along Nguyễn Đình Chiểu is going to be the place to go. It’s centrally located, there’s a lot to choose from, and if you don’t speak Vietnamese there’s a strong chance of meeting some students who will be willing to help you out.

These shops have so many markers, pens, and pencils, but most of them have very little in the way of large painting canvases. The only one of these shops that I found to have 60x80cm or larger was Tý Phước located at 138 Nguyễn Đình Chiểu.

Their cost for 60x80cm canvases is 60,000 VND ($3). They can make larger if you are willing to wait a week and they can do delivery for a big enough order. I purchased two 80x100cm canvases from them for 140,000 VND ($7) a piece and was able to transport them home myself by sitting on top of them on my motorbike. Phone: 08 3822 5998.

The Stationary Stores on Lê Lợi Street in District 1

Best for: Illustration, Calligraphy

If you’re an illustrator than nothing can beat the convenience of the stationary shops in D1. The two main ones to look out for are  at 47 Lê Lợi and an unnamed shop at 54 Lê Lợi. They have a selection of photocopy and inkjet paper, pens, rice paper, and affordable calligraphy brushes.

The Paper Craft Store on Pasteur Street in District 1

Best for: Scrapbooking, Gift Wrapping, Crafts

There are two Ngàn Thông shops in District 1; a smaller one located at 64 Lê Lợi Street and a larger one at 55A Pasteur Street next to Mimi Game. The smaller one has a limited selection of craft material, using most of the space for kitsch art and souvenirs but the Pasteur Street location is fantastic.

As you can see in these photos it filled with colorful felt, ornate paper, ribbons, and various nicknacks. I bought some foam paper here to use in my son’s Ultraman costume, so it’s not like these stores are limited to gift wrapping — there are some great materials that you could use for all kinds of projects. Phone: 08 3821 4575.

The Fine Art Supply Stores on Nguyễn Duy Street in District Bình Thạnh

Best for: Painting, Fine Art

Ally way leading to art stores in Binh Thanh

You may think that there is nothing down this street, but this is one of my favourite areas to buy canvas and paint. It’s located just before the Polygon art school (05 Phan Đăng Lưu, Bình Thạnh). There are two shops on this street. Both shops also offer private and small class training in still life and figure drawing and painting.

The larger of the two shops is called Họa Phẩm 62. It used to be really hard to find — you had to follow a series of hand painted signs through the maze-like hems to find it. It’s now more centrally located at 12 Nguyễn Duy Street. The shop is well-appointed. They have plenty of 60x80cm canvases available for as low as 60,000 VND ($3). More expensive canvas from Taiwan and Korea is also available and they can create custom sizes for you as well. Delivery service is available. Phone: 08.38416668, 08.3519918, WebFacebook.

Have any other stores you’d like to recommend? Please share in the comments bellow!

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56 thoughts on “Where To Buy Art Supplies in Saigon”

  1. While they don’t have the same expansive range of products of their parent company in Singapore, Art Friend carries a range of imported art supplies. While some may complain about premium prices, in all fairness, they also carry premium products. If you want quality toned paper for example, they have it and they can also order it for you. Art Friend is on 24 Le Thi Rieng Street in District 1. My only issue with some of the listings is that the quality is often hit or miss, particularly with kneaded erasers in the shops on Ng. Dinh Chieu. Unless you can open one and test it first, you often get home to find the kneaded rubber erasers have solidified hard as a rock. Also, be wary of older Chinese products that have been on the shelf too long, acrylics and oils will separate and the pigments curdled. Otherwise, for students on a budget, Ng. Dinh Chieu is perfect.

    If you need quality supplies in a pinch in District 7, Gallery Pongdang at the Panorama in Phu My Hung, founded by Korean and Vietnamese graduates of the HCMC Fine Arts University, has your basic supplies as well as some really interesting imported materials from Korea.

    1. Thanks for the detailed reply Richard! I’ve added a link to the approximate location of Art Friend. If I get a chance to take some photos there I may append the article with your commentary.

    2. Do they carry modern calligraphy pens (metal nibs)? I checked the website and it was listed, but wasn’t sure if they carry it in Vietnam.

    3. I recently checked out Gallery Pondang, as I started living locally. A Korean lady informed me that the gallery was closed and when I asked which day they are open, she said ‘no’, not open. I can only assume they only are open to private classes (as I could see tables set up with materials for painting).

  2. I’m not an artist but I would second the comment about Art Friend on Le Thi Rhieng. They’re open 9-6 Mon-Sat, closed Sun. English is limited.

    Another place worth checking out for paint is a small shop by the junction of Dinh Tien Hoang and Dien Bien Phu. On the left just before DBP when you come up DTH. Also some easels, brushes and other stuff. Very much a locals place, so don’t expect too much English – but I would imagine the prices are good.

  3. A few meters away (about 50m) at the intersection with Nguyen Dien Chieu & Pasteur, you can find the Association of Fine Arts on your right (going to the direction D1 to D3), can buy a prepared canvas roll ready-to-go, based on 10meters by 160cm, i didn’t find any suppliers being able to get a bigger size than the 160cm though, then, exclusively Fine arts stuffs. Then they can customize the canvas-frame based on the thickness, the standard ones we can find here are pretty thin, getting a 5-10cm thick = pretty solid, no need keys and looking good… 😉

  4. A fantastic article, super helpful! I’m on the hunt for good quality black ink (Windsor & Newton would be fantastic) and good quality fine sable brushes – so I’ll keep you posted if I identify the best supplier! Great comments too. Can’t wait to explore these stores properly.

  5. Thanks for these links! I am an Art Teacher at an International school here in Saigon and have been looking for a list of art supply stores. I have a hard time finding large size water color paper. Any thoughts on where to buy paper? Sounds like Art Friend might have some? The other shops tend to only have canvas…

    1. I remember seeing large (at least 80x60xm) paper at the places on Nguyễn Đình Chiểu; I don’t know if it is water color or not. Họa Phẩm 62 (listed in the article) has water color papers; the largest size is 79x109cm.

    2. Dear Amber, as an art teacher, would you know where in HCMC to find stuff for lacquer painting (black or colored lacquer, cloth, brushes)?

  6. I want to print my portfolio but I cannot find a good print store in Saigon. Could someone please recommend me some print shops in Saigon that have a variety of papers and and make bookbinding for magazines (in small quantity).

    1. There is also another Ty phuoc’s 2nd store in Binh Thanh district. You can buy art supplies there and bookbinding.

      Address: 217A Phan Van Tri Ward 11 Binh Thanh Distric

      or: Lam sơn: 46, Đồng Nai, 15 Ward, District 10 (not very good in printing, but good bookbinding)

      For printing, you can go to Hoa My, 7 Tang Bat Ho Binh Thanh District, very cheap price but high quality printing, you can choose may type of papers there, even the hard paper for package. ( around 20-30.000 VND for A2, 60.000 VND for A0), but they don’t bind books.

  7. I’ve left a comment on Saigoneer, just want to share with you guys about the store on Le Loi street that I’ve visited

    “I’ve been to the store on 54 Le Loi street; it’s the first also the last time that I go to this place. The shop owner’s behavior was bad that not only she didn’t give me any advises about how to choose art stuff, also she threw the calculator in front of me. When I asked her kindly to pick one pen out of the plastic bag that I didn’t need to buy it, she replied: “Do it yourself, pick the one you want to leave”. Am I too sensitive or she’s acting like I begged her to buy the products? I swear I will never visit this place anymore.”

  8. Hi,

    By any chance, does anyone know where to find watercolor and acrylic papers from CAMPAP (Malaysia).
    They have these fantastic 300gsm cotton acid free papers that I have been using overseas.
    Don’t know where to get them from in HCMC.

    Many thanks in advance.

  9. this is superly awesome and helpful….thank you! I am an Art teacher and have passed this on to all my students who constantly ask me where they can find materials 🙂

  10. Thanks for the info! Out of curiosity – in the bottom picture there is a bunch of busts. Will they make them of anyone? Any idea how much they would be?

  11. Các bạn ghé thử 129/3 Nguyễn Văn Nghi nhé. Đây là 1 phòng tranh nhưng có bán họa phẩm luôn, tuy cửa hàng nhỏ chỉ có 1 tủ kính bày hàng, nhưng mình thấy giá ở đây rẻ hơn tất cả những chỗ khác mình đã mua.
    Hình như là có giao hàng tân nơi luôn thì phải.

    1. Cậu có tel ở đó không? Cho mình xin với nhé :))) Với cả ở đó có bán màu nước dạng tuýp lớn không cậu? Nếu có thì mức giá trung bình là bao nhiêu ?

    1. bạn có thể dến 144 nguyễn đình chiểu, tiệm hải hà ở đó nhiều mặt hàng giá cũng rẻ.

  12. Nếu muôn kinh doanh họa phẩm, bạn liên hệ Họa phẩm Minh Sơn-129/3 Nguyễn Văn Nghi, P7, Gò Vấp-Mình có cung cấp họa phẩm giá sỉ. Nếu quan tâm,bạn liên hệ số dt 0945 323 848 để biết chi tiết hơn nhé.

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      Các bạn có thể xem thông tin tại: http://bookbuy.vn/van-phong-pham/dung-cu-ve nhé

  13. Hi, I’m looking for a company that can print images onto fabric to make a cushions/bags etc. Does anyone have any leads to share? Thank you in advance!

  14. Hello,
    I am impressed with the quality of the comments and the good locations where to find art stuff.
    I am looking for lacquer material, black or colored lacquer, cotton cloth, varnish for lacquer, lacquer brushes.
    I have tried several addresses given in the article and in the comments, but so far, I can’t find what I want. Could anyone give me a good hint?

  15. I’m also looking for varnish for collage materials, something ike M7 Polymer Gloss Varnish, as well as craft glue suitable for collage. Any ideas? Many thanks.

  16. Great info and leads here. I’m looking for mosaic tiles and wondered if anyone has seen any in shops they’ve visited?
    Cheers in advance… The language barrier

  17. Any recommendations for getting frames made for artwork? Wooden frame with glass inside..I’m looking for decent prices and decent frames, not necessarily professional quality. Thanks!!

  18. Excellent information. Have read that acrylic tubes may not pass security as carry-on items — good to know I can find colors in Saigon — thank you.

  19. Cảm ơn tác giả rất nhiều vì bài viết hữu ích nha! ^_^ Nhưng mà mình ở quận 8 lận mà các tiệm hoạ cụ hầu hết đều ở trung tâm thành phố nên mỗi lần đi mua tốn nhiều thời gian, công sức nên toàn mua online ở bookbuy rồi họ giao tới tận nơi.Thông tin khá chi tiết nên cũng dễ chọn lựa

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  22. I just moved to Vietnam a few months ago and found this article very helpful! Thank you.

    I just went to 54, Le Loi St to get 60 x 80 canvas – it’s now 75,000VND per canvas and comes in a pack of 3. She refused to sell me one, I had to buy 3 for 225,000VND. I didn’t want to argue. I just got it.

    Everything was ok, great store without so many things but the young lady at the store grumbled and said something in Vietnamese with an angry face every time I asked her the price. Felt like she was cursing me or something. I would not ask so many questions if there was a price tag on the items. LOL

    Tried looking for the store on 55A, Pasteur St, but it isn’t there anymore. I think it has moved.

    Will try to check out the rest of the stores. Thank you once again for this great piece!!! It was very helpful.

    1. Yes, The store on Pasteur St Moved… They had a smaller shop on Lei Loi and now that’s the only one. Not sure the address but it’s on the corner just before Ben Thanh Market. I think!

    2. Yes, The store on Pasteur St Moved… They had a smaller shop on Lei Loi and now that’s the only one. Not sure the address but it’s on the corner just before Ben Thanh Market. I think!

  23. Tong Duy Tan street&indoors market hidded inside near ChoLon for all kinds of accessory/sewing crafting chains/straps/ribbons/pliers/glue guns/stickers/transfers/beads/stones…

  24. do you have this art paper?glitter foam paper,velour paper,metallic foil paper, rhinestone beads and big cork board without frame?

  25. Taipoz is another great art store in Saigon. Email: taipoz.shop@gmail.com
    Chi nhánh Nguyễn Trãi (TP.HCM)
    ĐC: 150/7/2 Nguyễn Trãi, Q.1, TP.HCM
    Tel: (028) 6275.5554
    Hotline: 034.665.7079
    Thời gian mở cửa:
    8:30 AM – 20:30 PM
    8:30 AM – 16:00 PM (Chủ nhật)

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