DX-3: How design helped Marou’s Chocolate get noticed

In this video presentation from our DX-3 event, the co-founders of Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat talk about how they turned to graphic design to help their artisanal dark chocolate bars get noticed by the world.

[youtube http://youtu.be/FVPXow53hhk&rel=0]

Prototyping and iterative design were repeatedly mentioned as crucial elements to the success of their chocolate, not only in terms of making their own chocolate producing machinery, but also in terms of their branding and packaging design.

They stressed the importance of taking the time to get the design right, and in finding design talent (in their case Rice Creative) who not only have great portfolios, but who can communicate with you and be on the same page conceptually.

I especially like how they talk about experience design — they thought about how the customer will approach the bar, how many layers will they unwrap, how will they break the bar, and if their first instincts would be to share or to eat it all themselves. From my own experience with their bars I’d say they were successful. I’ve always enjoyed each of the steps, all of which are visual, tactile, and invite curiosity.

The Evolution of Marou’s Packaging Design

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